Terrestrial evapotranspiration dataset across China

By using the complementary relationship method, we have developed a terrestrial evapotrasnpiration dataset across China. This dataset now covers the period of 1982-2015 with spatial and temporal resolutions of 0.1-degree and monthly, respectively. (Future update for a longer temporal length will be implemented once the forcing is available). The dataset has been fully validated against plot-scale 13 eddy-covariance flux towers and basin-scale water balance results of Chinese 10 major river basins, showing a very well accurancy. 


The data is freely available here (English) or here (Chinese).  The details on how the dataset is derived could be found in Ma et al. (2019) and please cite this reference whenever it is used:


Ma, N., Szilagyi, J., Zhang, Y., Liu, W. 2019. Complementary-relationship-based modeling of terrestrial evapotranspiration across China during 1982-2012: Validations and spatiotemporal analyses. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 124(8), 4326-4351, doi: 10.1029/2018JD029580



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